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South Node - North Node Spiritual Journeys!

Astronomically, the moon's nodes are two points at which the moon's orbit Intersects the plane of the ecliptic ( the Sun's apparent orbit or path around the earth ) as it goes from north to south latitude, and vice versa. The North Node is called  the "Dragon's Head" and is traditionally given a nature to that of Jupiter. The South Node or "Dragon's Tail" is exactly opposite and is considered of a similar nature to saturn. The Nodal axis shows the direction of ones destiny.

The North Node indicates a new learning; where you are going and what you are going to develop and carry on with you.

The South Node shows what is instinctive and well known because it is rooted in past life patterns.

The thing to remember is that both nodes are valuble. Like two ends of a bridge, both necessary to the traveler crossing it. The North node is our destination, pulling us forward into new patterns, of learning and growth. Interpretation of the nodes, four factors are considered: the Signs & Houses in which the nodes are posited, aspects to the nodes ( Especially the conjunctions), the planets ruling the nodal signs, and their aspects, especially ttheir relationship with each other.

North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra:

North Node in Aries represents a karmic drive to embrace your identity, to make your own decisions and live your own life. The South Node in Libra represents a longing for relationship. The longing is so strong and intense, that you often will try to make the connection by doing the Libra thing, trying to be the person you think your partner wants. This never works. You will find fulfilling relationships only when you embrace your own desires and wants (Aries), take the risk of being your own person, following your impulses. Only then can the right relationship appear.

North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio:

North Node in Taurus represents a need to get in touch with your own self-worth, your values & awareness of comfort zones, what feels good, what doesn’t, relying on your own talents and resourcefulness (Taurus). The South Node in Scorpio represents a longing for close bonding and mutual empowerment with another person. The old pattern is to attempt to do this by buying into another person’s system of values and priorities (Scorpio). Your longing for a fulfilling intimate relationship will only be satisfied when you focus on your own strength, your own values, your own priorities. When you do so, the right people will appear to support your goals.

North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius

If your North Node is in Gemini, you are like a butterfly, here to sample many flowers and connect with people and things. The South Node in Sagittarius represents a longing to have all the answers, sharing truth and wisdom, “being right.” If you don’t do the Gemini part and listen to what others are saying, your Sagittarian optimism can get out of hand, and you assume they know what you know. It’s true that you have great wisdom, but you mess up when you act without thinking things through, and dismiss other people’s ideas without hearing them out. You are able to share your wisdom and connect deeply with others when you truly listen to them, helping them through the “nitty gritty” aspects of life, and allowing them to help you.

North Node in Cancer, South Node in Capricorn

The South Node in Capricorn represents a strong drive to succeed. You mess up when you measure success by the “outward” symbols of success or achievement of a position in society (i.e. clothing, material status, titles, awards, the “right” friends, etc.). To gain these things, you may try to “cut off” or ignore the feeling side of things, yours and others’. Your North Node in Cancer shows that the true measure of your success is emotional fulfillment— if you aren’t feeling safe and content on the inside, you haven’t “made it.” This does not deny you success in your career, but it does mean that you find satisfaction in life only when you use your strong work ethic and management skill in a way that is emotionally suited to you, and responsive to others.

North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius

The South Node in Aquarius represents a strong urge to belong in a group. Your old pattern is to make your way by “fitting in,” letting go of your ego to promote a cause, and letting the energy of a group carry you. You try and find this sense of belonging by remaining a spectator in life rather than a participant. This doesn’t work, because Leo is an extremely creative sign, and to try to “blend in” cuts off a very real part of you that longs for expression. You find your true sense of belonging when you let your light shine, take the risk of standing out. Then you magnetically attract the right group of friends to you.

North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces

The South Node in Pisces represents an urge for immersion in spiritual oneness. You may try to do this by escaping from the world through addiction or other means, withdrawal from involvement with others, giving up, or choosing not to deal with the daily grind. You have a strong psychic and spiritual power. However, this power only works for you when you embrace the lesson of Virgo, serving yourself and others through active involvement with others, attending to the nitty-gritty details of life. “Spirit helps those who help themselves” is a good mantra for you. i.e., you have to clean up your own messes in life, nobody’s going to do it for you.

North Node in Libra, South Node in Aries

The South Node in Aries represents a competitive urge— you want to win. You may try to do this by being defensive, combative, and competitive with others. However, you only win big when you cooperate in mutually beneficial partnerships, openly share your feelings and intentions, listen to and accept the help of others. You have good relationship karma— involve others in your decisions, and give of yourself, share your talents and abilities with others. You only really benefit from win/win cooperative situations, not win/lose battles.

North Node in Scorpio, South Node in Taurus

The South Node in Taurus suggests a tendency to try to do everything yourself, your way. It can be hard to let go of possessions, for fear that you might need it someday. Following the Scorpio North Node path, sharing resources and responsibilities with other people, really opens up your world. It involves letting go and taking the risk of trusting and depending on another. Ironically, you only find the stability you want through letting others help you in their own way. The rewards are well worth the price.

North Node in Sagittarius, South Node in Gemini

The South Node in Gemini indicates that you can really “overthink” decisions, constantly second-guessing yourself. You got so good at seeing other people’s points of view, that you lost touch with your own. Your Sagittarius North Node indicates that the greatest rewards for you are in trusting your intuition, and being open and honest about yourself and what you want. Overthinking is problematic for you because you can never have enough information to satisfy your mind. You second-guess yourself and become confused, making it very difficult to make decisions you truly trust. Visualizing the outcome, rather than relying on factual, logical information, works much better for you. You have the gift of manifestation— your beliefs create your reality. Indulging in gossip drains your energy— don’t do it.

North Node in Capricorn, South Node in Cancer

The South Node in Cancer indicates an intense desire to care for people. However, overconcern with other people’s emotional well-being may be a sign of your fear of taking charge of your own destiny. This overconcern shows itself as dwelling on the past, being afraid to come out of your shell, making other people’s feelings your problem. You are here to rediscover the thrill of achieving your goals. You need to let other people work out their own problems, and develop and cultivate your own ambition. When you do this, eventually others will come in to support you! You are a natural born leader and manager. Because you have the gift of empathy, people trust you, and you find fulfillment when you set up structures that support everyone’s well-being. Focusing on your vision for the future will help you let go of the past.

North Node in Aquarius, South Node in Leo

With South Node in Leo, ego drives are very powerful, as the soul craves recognition and respect. Thus, at times you can be dominating, demanding, and willful. The North Node in Aquarius indicates that you find the respect and approval you want only when you work from a sense of equality with all creatures, inspiring rather than dominating. Because you, more than anyone, understand the value of appreciation, you are a natural born appreciator of others and can motivate others to achieve their best, especially when you work together for a common cause. Being involved in groups and humanitarian causes is very good for you.

North Node in Pisces, South Node in Virgo

The South Node in Virgo suggests an innate practicality and sense of order, but also a sense of panic an anxiety when things do not go as planned. Therefore, you may burden yourself and others with rigid expectations of proper behavior or “perfect” situations. The North Node in Pisces represents this lifetime’s mission: let go of worry and work on developing a sense of the connectedness of everyone and everything. Your longing for order and perfection is satisfied only through the realization that everything is in divine order, even if our limited human minds perceive only chaos.

1st house = The Primary shelf in action physical characteristics, personal concerns.

2nd house = Finances, Possessions, Material values.

3rd house = Brothers & Sisters, Close Relations, Neighbours, Mental activities, all kinds of communication wether by speech, writing, learning, visting, short journey's etc.

4th house = The family, Parents, Psychic roots, Early enviroment, latter part of life,the foundation of ones self regard.

5th house = Children,Creativity,Pleasure,Love affairs,risk, Speculation, Hobbies,Sports,Love given.

6th house = Work, Service, Health, Hygiene, Employee's, Fellow workers, and the working conditions.

7th house = Marriage, Partnerships, Enemies, The public, Groups, Unions.

8th house = Finances and resources of others, Inheritances, Emotional values, Death, Regeneration, Sex, Beginnings and Endings.

9th house = Expansion of Self through spiritual, mental, or physical exploration, philosophy, law, religion, publishing, travel, foreign lands.

10th house = The Career, Reputation, Highest achievement in life, One of the parents, Goverment.

11th house = Friends and acquaintences, Group afflitions, Long-term objectives, Love recieved.

12th house = The subconcious, that which is hidden, Self -undoing, the service which is sacrificial, the physic, serious states of ill health, large institutions, hospital, prison, monastry. etc.

Portrait of INTP (introversion, intuition, thinking, perception)

Portrait of an INTPs fine discrimination ability gives INTPs so inclined a natural advantage as, for example, grammarians and linguists.  INTPs are relatively easy-going and amenable to almost anything until their principles are violated, about which they may become outspoken and inflexible. They prefer to return, however, to a reserved albeit benign ambiance, not wishing to make spectacles of themselves.  A major concern for INTPs is the haunting sense of impending failure. They spend considerable time second-guessing themselves.
The open-endedness (from Perceiving) conjoined with the need for competence (NT) is expressed in a sense that one's conclusion may well be met by an equally plausible alternative solution, and that, after all, one may very well have overlooked some critical bit of data. An INTP arguing a point may very well be trying to convince himself as much as his opposition. In this way INTPs are markedly different from INTJs, who are much more confident in their competence and willing to act on their convictions.
 Mathematics is a system where many INTPs love to play, similarly languages, computer systems--potentially any complex system. INTPs thrive on systems. Understanding, exploring, mastering, and manipulating systems can overtake the INTP's conscious thought. This fascination for logical wholes and their inner workings is often expressed in a detachment from the environment, a concentration where time is forgotten and extraneous stimuli are held at bay. Accomplishing a task or goal with this knowledge is secondary.  INTPs and Logic -- One of the tipoffs that a person is an INTP is her obsession with logical correctness. Errors are not often due to poor logic -- apparent faux pas in reasoning are usually a result of overlooking details or of incorrect context.  Games NTs seem to especially enjoy include Risk, Bridge, Stratego, Chess, Go, and word games of all sorts. (I have an ENTP friend that loves Boggle and its variations.
We've been known to sit in public places and pick a word off a menu or mayonnaise jar to see who can make the most words from its letters on a napkin in two minutes.) The INTP mailing list has enjoyed a round of Metaphore, virtual volleyball, and a few 'finish the series' brain teasers.  INTPs in the main are not clannish. The INTP mailing list, with a readership now in triple figures, was in its incipience fraught with all the difficulties of the Panama canal: we had trouble deciding:whether or not there should be such a group, exactly what such a group should be called, and which of us would have to take the responsibility for organization and maintenance of the aforesaid group/club/whatever.  
  A Functional Analysis Introverted Thinking Introverted Thinking strives to extract the essence of the Idea from various externals that express it. In the extreme, this conceptual essence wants no form or substance to verify its reality. Knowing the Truth is enough for INTPs; the knowledge that this truth can (or could) be demonstrated is sufficient to satisfy the knower. "Cogito, ergo sum" expresses this prime directive quite succinctly.  In seasons of low energy level, or moments of single-minded concentration, the INTP is aloof and detached in a way that might even offend more relational or extraverted individuals.
Extraverted iNtuition Intuition softens and socializes Thinking, fleshing out the brittle bones of truths formed in the dominant inner world. That which is is not negotiable; yet actual application diffuses knowledge to the extent that knowledge needs qualification and context to be of any consequence in this foreign world of substance.  If Thinking can desist, the INTP is free to brainstorm, calling up the perceptions of the unconscious (i.e., intuition) which are mirrored in patterns in the realm of matter, time and space. These perceptions, in the form of theories or hunches, must ultimately defer to the inner principles, or at least they must not negate them.  Intuition unchained gives birth to play. INTPs enjoy games, formal or impromptu, which coax analogies, patterns and theories from the unseen into spontaneous expression in a way that defies their own comprehension.
Introverted Sensing Sensing is of a subjective, inner nature similar to that of the SJs. It supplies awareness of the forms of senses rather than the raw, analogic stimuli. Facts and figures seek to be cleaned up for comparison with an ever growing range of previously experienced input. Sensing assists intuition in sorting out and arranging information into the building blocks for Thinking's elaborate systems.  The internalizing nature of the INTP's Sensing function leaves a relative absence of environmental awareness (i.e., Extraverted Sensing), except when the environment is the current focus. Consciousness of such conditions is at best a sometime thing. Extraverted Feeling Feeling tends to be all or none.
When present, the INTP's concern for others is intense, albeit naive. In a crisis, this feeling judgement is often silenced by the emergence of Thinking, who rushes in to avert chaos and destruction. In the absence of a clear principle, however, INTPs have been known to defer judgement and to allow decisions about interpersonal matters to be left hanging lest someone be offended or somehow injured. INTPs are at risk of being swept away by the shadow in the form of their own strong emotional impulses.

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Aspect Pattern's in the Natal

They say in every lifetime that we are born into that we have a specific Soul Mission, that we must complete. I've always been spiritually inclined since I was a child, always wondered what my purpose was, but when your a child it doesn't tend to bother you so much, but as you grow up you tend to ask yourself that age old question " Why am I here". And I have recently been asking myself that question, so I thought I'd see if I could find out through astrology ( as you can see from previous posts), I managed to get myself a copy of  Solar Fire Gold to study my natal chart, it was very revealing, and pretty accurate, so I thought I would share my findings, and how fascinating they are, and what all the aspects, and aspect pattern's mean. 
As you can see from the Image to the right, natal charts are very complex and understanding them even more so, I had to purchase myself a few books, Aspects in Astrology & Twelve Doors to the Soul to help me to understand the aspects in my chart.
As you can see from the chart, I am a Virgo with a Cancer rising Ascendant( the house of self),and my Descendant( the house of relationships) is in Capricorn. The first aspect on the chart that you see is a sextile between my ascendant and mercury which is in Virgo, then I have a square aspect between my ascendant and my moon which is in Libra, the triangle shape you can see in the centre of the chart is called a "Quadriform" or in astrological terms " Thor's Hammer or God's Fist", sound pretty ominus doesn't it?, I shall give a description of it's meaning later in the blogpost, but first onto the other aspects.

Ascendant sextile Mercury

It basically means that, I'm very strong in the handling of details,writing,speaking,mailing and other mental pursuits. My idea's are supposedly well recieved, my mind is alert, and I can easily and quickly grasp information.

Ascendant square Moon 

The way I express myself to others, or my body language and manner, tends to conflict with how I actually truly feel. I'm highly emotional and my feelings usually demand immediate attention. While my body language is expressive, it's not always a true reflection of how I actually feel. Uncertainty about how others will respond to me if I do express my true feelings. I'm also highly sensitive to the moods of people around me and the emotional atmosphere of my immediate surroundings, although I often interpret these things in an exaggerated fashion.

Mercury square Saturn

The voice of authority,language barriers,negative thinking,the disciplined mind,learning the hard way and defining one's idea's.

Saturn connected to a personal planet in hard aspect has a censoring effect on the planet involved. With Mercury in hard aspect to Saturn, whatever the person says and writes is self-censored to some degree. That's quite true too, the sensoring is usually automatic, it's always been hard for me to pour out my emotions, no matter how emotional and needy I feel on the inside, it's because I'm always aware of what other's might think of me. I'm not always a deliberate thinker or speaker though, I don't always pick & choose my words carefully, sometimes I can come across as negative and sarcastic without intending to, then I  review conversations I've had with others, and often kick myself for saying something I didn't intend to, or for not saying something witty. Some people my view that as a kind of slowness, but it would be far from the truth, I'm acedemically very strong, it's just the flow of my communication is blocked in some manner, and this is due to the automatic "self-censoring" tendency, I also need plenty of positive feedback from others in order to feel more confident and less "blocked".Though people have told me before " don't worry about what other's think" but that to me is like telling a " mouse not to walk in front of a cat", I will worry, especially considering I know how much words themselves can wound, if left unchecked, and I don't want to hurt anyone. So positive feedback is usually essential for me, which seems strange cause I don't take compliments well, yet, I do need them, crave them in fact.

Moon trine Saturn

Defensive feelings, Controlled responses, Cautious behaviour. The dutiful mother, the need for structure and permanence. Bleak House. Lessons in the home.

The security of family ties is an illusory one, and it is often very 
dangerous to assume that one has the right, because of blood ties,
to command emotional support from others. Parents can die, 
partners can leave, and children grow up; and the person with
Moon-Saturn is generally courting pain and disappointment if
he seeks to bing these external things to himself by emotional need.
{Liz Greene, Saturn}

There is often a feeling of the "trapped child" in the personality of the Moon-Saturn type. Very often Moon-Saturn child had to grow up early and missed out on the maturation process, so that there is often a delay in the emotional development of the individual. Sometimes the child had to take on responsibilites at too young an age, often having to be the surrogate mother to those older than themselves. That lunar aspect of parenting which might be termed "unconditional love" is often in short supply, the kind of love that says ' I will love you no matter what, I will be here to support you, to protect you, I will be able to absorb and cushion your anxieties, your fears, your tears, your anger, your rage.' Many of these postive features fo childhood were thin on the ground, and the individual has to learn how to feel these qualities from scratch. The Moon-Saturn child generally gets the message very early on that it has to be emotionally self-sufficient. The child recieves early messages that they will be loved only if they behave in a certain kind of way; responsible and unobtrusive, staying in the background, not getting under other people's feet.Usually the child becomes extremely sensitive to the needs of others and learns how to react accordingly.The ramifications of this are that in adulthood,the individual finds it very difficult to react in a spontaneous kind of way because there is a constant, very often barely conscious expectation of criticism. From the outsider's point of view, the behaviour of the Moon-Saturn type is often very likeable ( if a bit wooden and predictable at times) this can be said for most saturn contacts, especially to the softer planets, because such contacts tend to be very sensitive, the Moon-Saturn type is painfully so. The classic Moon-Saturn type feels vulnerable and is scared of being hurt and thus will behave in what the individual considers to be as socially acceptable a way as possible. Saturn usually inclines to a 'formula' kind of response with regard to the planet it touches; with the Moon, the responses may be overly controlled, underplayed and careful or overly eager and gushy.

Sun conjunct Venus

Importance of relationship. Importance of popularity. Malleability. Self-love. The loving heart. The loving father. The pursuit of peace.

Sun-Venus people above all else want to love and be loved, they tend to identify, rightly and wrongly, with the notion of being a loving and affectionate kind of person. And they want to be seen in that light, recognised as a person who is amiable, popular and tender-hearted. Typically, the type wants to believe the best about any given situation and those within it and will tend to gloss over things that are less than perfect, either about themselves or about other's that they are in a relationship with.This can make the type rather short-sighted, seeing only what it wants to see, more positively though Sun-Venus can be very accepting of other's, and very good at making allowances. A charitable combination this, and at best one that can be associated with a genuinely loving heart. Because of this tendency to take charitable view, the type can put up with people and situations, that other's might find un-acceptable. Sun-Venus would balk at squashing a fly, let alone another's ego. One of the key phrases that could be ascribed to Sun-Venus is 'self-love' and an understanding and a dialogue with this concept seems to be a major task  for those with a tight contact between these planets. The accomplishment of self-love  may not be an easy task, if the conjunction is forming hard aspects to other planets, as will often be the case. As always the Sun describes what we are striving to become, not what we already are, and with this combination the hero's task involves discovering self-love and an awareness that one can never truly anyone else until one loves, and is at peace with, oneself. Often the Sun-Venus type does seem at peace with themselves though, and whatever the rest of the chart says about self-valuation, the conjunction especially does suggest that the individual is happy enough with certain aspects of themselves - even self-satisfied even. The long-term goal of the Sun-Venus type is often the pursuit of peace. Complete inner and outer peace.

Sun conjunct Mercury

Self-knowledge, Independant thinker,Strong opinions, Importance of knowledge.

Basically , Sun-Mercury people extend their ego over their opinions; they identify more strongly with what might be called the 'rational' mind. This is a person who identifies with their thoughts, idea's and with what they actually say. Those with this combination want what they say to be important and to be recognised as such: a kind of ' I am what I say, I am what I think' philosophy. For Sun-Mercury, knowledge is important, something to be proud of, something to be expressed with power, authority and confidence. At best the individual's goal in life is to be a genuine authority in some area and not just believe that they are.

Moon conjunct Pluto

Buried feelings, An intense emotional life, Transformation of feelings, Domestic crisis. Powerful Mother.

Moon-Pluto's emotional life reminds me of a seabird, maybe a gannet, a bird who dives headlong into the water for it's food and then comes up to digest what it's caught. The Moon-Pluto individual often has a similar attitude to it's emotional life, plunging and diving deeply into their feelings and relationships and then needing time on their own to digest what has been absorbed. Typically, the Moon-Pluto needs space as much as intensity in their home and emotional life. Those with the conjunction and hard aspects, especially, have a tendancy to feel invaded and intruded upon. The feeling life is usually very intense with these aspects but how this intensity manifests can vary greatly and often according to how aware the individual is of their feeling nature. The individual may have a powerful investment in getting to the root of their feelings, the investment being a need to purge oneself of them. To eradicate them at the source, others have a powerful investment in not experiencing them at all and here Pluto can be seen  to be 'killing' the feelings. But they are not killed so much as , until the time is ripe for them to resurface. The Moon-Pluto person is often sensitive too and aware of the misuse of power. Providing this quality is developed, this combination is a very useful one for those whose work involves the exposure, acceptance and transformation of feelings and personal histories that have been kept private. The counsellor, the therapist, the biographer.
Moon conjunct Uranus

Emotional Independance, Sudden Moves, The need for space, Rebellious feelings, Inconsistant behaviour, Changing moods, Culture shock.

As an indicator of what we need, the Moon, when coupled with Uranus, suggests that the individual, above all else, needs a great deal of space and freedom on a day-to-day level, especially emotionally and domestically. This person must feel free to feel what they choose and to be able to change those feelings at whim. This person hates to feel fenced in, either emotionally or in their domestic life. There is a strong need to feel vibrant, to feel alive and to feel that life could change at any minute and in the most exciting way. Little wonder that Moon-Uranus is usually very restless and often feels 'itchy' for change. This is not a person that feels comfortable with routine or domesticity. Inevitably people with these contacts pursue and feel much more at home leading, what to other's might be considered an unconventional life-style. The Moon-Uranus person has the capacity  to show they care in a multitude of ways, they do not feel confined by the mores of society and are thus free to act and respond as seems appropriate to them in any given situation. And intuitively, the Moon-type will often the appropriate way to respond. The Moon-Uranus person can be the type with whom you never know where you are: one minute brusquely independant, the next begging for help; one minute giving a warm welcome, the next seeming to forget you exist. Nevertheless, being generally humanitarian, egalitarian and desirous of plenty of change, stimulation and excitement, ensures that the Moon-Uranus type will enjoy a whole host of friends of varying ages, backgrounds, cultures and idea's. People find Moon-Uranus types exciting.

Mars trine Uranus

Originality in action. Decisive action. Precipitate action. Sexual excitement. Sudden violence. Electrical fires. Fireworks, Freedom-fighters. Revolutionaries.

Typically, the person with a prominent Mars-Uranus contact seems hyperactive,  and as if they are living off a highly strung nervous system. This person can never seem to stop. People with this contact not only tend to know what they want but also the fastest route towards attaining it. This is a very decisive combination, and having decided, Mars-Uranus will usually let nothing stand in their way. Those with this combination strong often have a great talent for getting themselves out of tight corners, and they are often highly original as to the way they go about doing things. Acting in it's purest form, unfettered by other factors in the chart Mars-Uranus will say " This is what I am going to do.... damn you if you don't like it". Classically, the Mars-Uranus person hates and ignores any kind of constraint. Little wonder then that Mars-Uranus is a contact often to be found in charts of those who an Unconventional or alternative sex life, for at best, the Mars-Uranus individual has the courage to pursue whatever path they choose, sexual or otherwise.

Mars sesquiquadrature Pluto
Fighting to the death, The fight for survival, Compulsive winning, Assertion of power, Sexual power,
Buried rage

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not pray for the stilling of my pain but for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life's battlefield but to my own strength.
Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved but hope for the patience to win my freedom.
Grant me not that I may be a coward, feeling your mercy in my success alone; but let me find the grasp of your hand in my failure.
{Rabindranath Tagore, Fruit gathering}.

This combination has the reputation for being singularly ruthless and fiercly competitive, but as with most Pluto combinations this may not always be obvious to the casual observer or even to the individual themselves. This ruthlessness is sometimes turned inward upon the self. Nevertheless, this is the contact of the person who might say to themselves, unconsciously if not consciously: 'I will win, I will fight, I will survive at all costs'. Survival is usually a very big issue with this combination. The real problems for Mars-Pluto when falling in the charts of otherwise 'soft' and humane people, can be of owning their own violent feelings, and this is why the type can find it difficult to allow themselves to express anger and can also be ruthless with themselves. Not owning their rage can also result in the persona attracting other people or life-situations which are violent or require superhuman courage or endurance. People with this combination are usually capable of extraordinary courage and powers of endurance. The courage will often be emotional as opposed to physical, the Mars-Pluto person  can put up with the kind of extreme conditions that might be expected to crush any human spirit. One can also associate Mars-Pluto with the interest in magic and the occult and thus with all forms of hidden power and the idea of mind over matter. The performance or experience of music can also provide a vehicle for a tremendous realease of emotion. Perhaps a double dose of Mars type energy, as might be associated with Mars and Pluto, calls for a double dose of Venus: music, love acceptance and forgiveness, Expressions of love can do much to heal the scars of this combination.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

Hidden wealth, Wealth in buried matter, Enormous power, Exploring the underworld. Mining and recycling.

For individuals with this combination prominently placed in their charts, there is usually a life-theme around what might be described as ' the wealth of buried matter'. This wealth can take different forms: sometimes a very physical form, as in the charts of those whose work involves mining of various types ore, coal, oil or other minerals; or sometimes a very psychological form- the wealth that is buried in the unconscious. We are used to thinking of the unconscious aspects of ourselves, the 'shadow', as housing the more ugly elements of our psyches but many psychologists, including Jung, would be quick to point out that those ugly and sociallly unacceptable parts are as fertile, potent and useful, and house a great deal of buried. It's rather like the compost heap at the bottom of the garden: it's is composed of decaying, dead and rotting matter, stuff we have discarded; but it miraculously transforms itself into mineral-rich nutrients that can be ploughed back into the soil. When picking up the angles in the chart or the personal planets, the individual with this combination is likely to be very ambitious. Typically Jupiter-Pluto wants to do something very big. Just what, will be shown by the planets of points the combination picks up, but this can be a very relentless and ruthless combination.

Jupiter square Sun(Part of Quadriform)

The Explorer, Quester, Visionary, Opportunist. Large-hearted. Big goals. Self-Enlargement. Identification with God.

Whatever the actual contact, this combination inclines to bouyancy, optimism and confidence. With the soft aspects this takes the form of a gentle, almost complacent contentment with one's lot and optimistic expectations of the future. The hard aspects are more likely to yield overconfidence and a more obvious exuberance, and the conjunction might come from either or both positions at different times.Sun-Jupiter people are great visionaries,intuitively seeing their place in the overall scheme of things and having the gift of being able to see any situation in terms of bigger and better future possibilities. Their big goals can seem very over the top at the outset but it's surprising how often people with these contacts make their vision a reality and it's their innate faith in life and in themselves that enables them to do so.The combination is also useful for situations where the individual can legitimatley 'Play God' as in advice-giving occupations. Nevertheless, whilst one might associate a Sun-Jupiter contact with a larger-than-life personality, the combination can equally occur in the charts of more introverted individuals.

Mercury sesquiquadrature Chiron (part of Quadriform)

This placement, when positively supported, can indicate a highly developed mind, a sharp intuition, perhaps clairvoyant ability. Unless there are also positive aspects to Neptune or the Moon, however, this may not translate to healing ability. This is the realm of the mind rather than the heart. The native can tend to be a bit of a "know it all", and the degree to which this is a benefit or a drawback may be indicated by the number of supportive versus challenging aspects.
Jupiter sesquiquadrature Chiron (part of Quadriform)
Chiron together with Jupiter lends itself to creative abilities and these people do tend to have something of a "magic touch", especially those with strong contacts to Leo or the 5th house. Excellent teachers and healers, they are bright, lucky and talented when the two planets aspect in harmony, but when they are stressed, the native is often challenged by their own high expectations for themselves and others. Religious and spiritual intolerance can become a problem as they tend to see their own beliefs as "universal".

Quadriform aspect pattern

This is an aspect configuration is known by several different names: Quadriform, Arrowhead, Thor's Hammer or God's Fist.It consists of two planets in square aspect (90 degrees) and both in an octile or sesqui-quadrate aspect (135 degrees) to a third planet. The energy of this aspect pattern is a little like a T-square, since it has stressful, dynamic energy. However, the octile aspects (based on dividing the circle into 8 pieces) tend to be a little more complex than the square or opposition (based on dividing the circle into 4 pieces).
Some astrologers see the energy originating in the tension of the two square planets, which finds an outlet through the third (apex) planet. This means the apex planet must find a creative way to resolve the conflict of the square, or else it could vent that tension destructively. This perspective reflects the image of an Arrowhead.
Other astrologers see the energy flow originating in the apex planet, which then must find a way to wield the power and dynamic stress of the square planets. It's a little like holding a live grenade - what do you do with it?? You need to find a way to use it constructively and creatively, or the energy can become destructive. This image is like a Hammerhead or God's Fist.
By cultivating support for the energy of the apex planet, it is possible to give it strength to work constructively and creatively with the square planets.

Sun opposition Midheaven

You'll have to develop the ability to put yourself in the limelight in order to go after what you really want career-wise. Ego conflicts with those in authority can create setbacks until you learn the art of finding a middle course. A career that provides an outlet for creative self-expression, leadership abilities and personal recognition is important to consider.

Uranus opposition Chiron

You experience a polarity with respect to your approach to self-healing and spiritual unfolding. It might manifest as hi-tech versus holistic medicine, or it might have to do with a dichotomy within your beliefs and ideals. Personal healing issues might revolve around nonconformity versus tradition, and at times your rebellious tendencies could interfere with your progress. You may try to keep the dichotomy on a strictly intellectual level, and ignore your own deep wound or refuse to address it as a physical need. Experiences of non-linear time could set you on a unique path of initiation into broader dimensions of reality. If these issues are projected into a polarized relationship, it can be quite difficult to resolve. Try to understand that the choices and means are not mutually exclusive, and then a balanced compromise may be possible.

Uranus trine Saturn 

Cautious reform, Fear of change, Breaking with tradition, Breaks with authority, Unexpected brakes, Rebels in control.

Saturn and Uranus represent such opposing principles that when they are contacting each other, especially by conjunction or hard aspect, a very taut kind of tension is created. The conflict is perhaps obvious, Saturn concerns itself with tradition, authority, discipline, duty and responsibility whilst the Uranus impulse is individualistic, anti-establishment and highly rebellious. In personal terms, people with these contacts often have a gift of looking at an old subject in an extremly new way. In various aspects of their lives, they will also often experience internal conflicts as to whether to take a firm anti-establishment, progressive and radical line or whether to respect authority, tradition and that which has stood the test of time.

Saturn square Midheaven

You can lead people because you have an aura of authority and responsibility that others pick up on and your advice is often sought out by those who need what they perceive to be a reliable source of input. Saturn aspecting your career cusp demands a kind of perfection and those who have it are often successful after deciding to persevere no matter what, through trying times and obstacles. Suitable career options may include: politician, government worker, manager, accountant, corporate executive, construction and building worker, chiropractor, doctor, or dentist. Wherever precision combines with form, or reliable leadership qualities can be brought into play, you have a career possibility.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Prayer's of a Dream!

Can you offer me the heat, to melt my cold,
Can you give me the peace,to ease my anguish,
Can you give me a life, that I would be happy to lead,
Can you offer me the love, I was born to recieve.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Element to Element

Fire Signs

ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS are the Fire signs. Though they sparkle in different ways, they are all passionate, and restless. Don’t look here for a quiet life. Be ready for a temper that flares up at the slightest provocation but then rapidly burns out. Be ready too, to face irrepressible ambition. Fire fancies itself as invincible. Though it is always hungry and in a hurry, it thinks that sooner or later, it can wear down the most resistant material and make it come ablaze. If a Fire sign person wants you as a partner, you’ll find it hard to damp down their enthusiasm. Saying no will merely make you seem like more of a challenge. If you really don’t want the heat, keep well away from the kitchen. But some like it hot... and those who do are right in their element here. 

Earth Signs 

TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN are the Earth signs. They are solid and strong. Or so, at least, they seem. Think though, of soil and the way it surges with invisible, life-giving energy. Or consider a tree. Though very much 'of the earth' it is constantly in a state of change. It adapts to the seasons and never stops growing. Earth sign people, despite their image of implacability, are sensitive, sensual and subject to slow but steady change. They possess enormous power and love to put this to a fruitful use. The further into the earth you dig, the more hidden treasure you find. If you seek depth and meaning, an Earth sign person is your ideal companion. Likewise, if you want loyalty, dedication and integrity. If though, you thrive on drama, adventure or debate, you may prefer someone with whom the ground rules are less clearly defined.

Air Signs

GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS are the Air signs who dwell in the realm of thought and theory. Their heads are always in the clouds. From this lofty position they can see a long way and find a lot to say. If you enjoy conversation, debate and discussion, here's your perfect partner. Not so if you happen to feel there's more to life than words. An Air sign person can say pretty much anything and make it sound persuasive. So persuasive, indeed, that they will convince themselves it must be true! Woe betide you if you argue. That's playing right into the Air person's hands. Air likes to whip up a wind. It also likes to be free to float. If you like things to be the same from day to day, Air's constant changeability will drive you bananas. If though, you like to get high on the exhilarating oxygen of brainpower, here's your source of eternal excitement.

Water Signs

CANCER, SCORPIO, and PISCES are the intuitive and emotional Water signs. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and rightly so, for their hearts are pure and kind. Though they pretend, in different ways, to be dry, they can't help but well up with compassion at the slightest sob story. But they can afford to be a little more giving than the rest of us because, for all their apparent insecurity, they can never come to real harm. It's easy to disperse water but hard to destroy it. Sooner or later, even if it has to seep underground or evaporate in order to escape, water always finds its way to more water. If you seek a companion full of heartfelt feeling, look no further. If you prefer less fluidity or you fear being swamped by ever-changing moods, you're out of your depth here.. 

Element Pairings

Fire + Fire = The Inferno of Attraction
Fire is always attracted to more fire. The question, when you put two fire people together, is not 'will they be drawn to one another' but 'will the relationship burn itself out?' It certainly will if there's too much competition for the same source of fuel. How then, can you prevent a Fire sign partnership from flaring up wildly, only to go out in a blaze of glory? You need a totally shared sense of purpose. You have to turn your fire on a common enemy, not on each other or reach an agreement about what you are trying to achieve together. Even with such a deal struck, sparks will occasionally fly. Fire people love a challenge. They can't resist infuriating each other every so often. Then again, if you thrive on passion, there are some distinct advantages to life with someone who can always get you feeling fully inflamed.

Fire + Earth = The Erupting Volcano

Earth is covered in vegetation which fire can burn. Deep below the earth there's coal and oil, even more substantial fuel for fire. It is easy then, to see why Fire people are drawn to Earth people. They provide constant psychological fuel for the fiery person to consume. Why though, should an Earth person fancy a Fire person? Where's the advantage in getting together with someone who will take all you've got to give and come back for more? The Earth person is understandably cautious. But the Earth person does have a need for fire. You can see this more clearly if you appreciate how sensuous Earth types truly are. They yearn to feel the earth move and nothing makes the earth move more dramatically than an explosion! That's why, if this relationship gets off the ground, it turns out to be such dynamite. 

Fire + Water = The Passionate Potboiler

Put fire under water and you get steam. Place water over fire and you put the fire out. Everything depends, in this relationship, on who takes the lead. Hot water is more powerful than cold. When water is changed by fire, it makes greater impact. No wonder then, that Water people find Fire folk appealing. They have nothing to fear. They know they can quench fire if it gets too hot. But why should a Fire person want to get close to a natural force that can destroy it? There is no logical answer. Water has nothing to offer Fire, but it needs it and wants it. That's why it works so hard to attract it! Fire is willing to be drawn because it hungers to be powerful in any way it can. It can't resist that steamy sizzle. Fire likes living dangerously. Water likes to get excited. This pairing may not be wise but it's hard for either to resist. 

Fire + Air = The Exploding Love Bomb

Fire needs air. Without it, no matter how much fuel it has, it cannot survive. Why though, does air need fire? It can exist quite nicely without all that smoke. It's the heat that it seeks. As any meteorologist will tell you, air currents are driven by temperature changes. Wind will not develop and travel unless something warms it up. Air sign people then, find Fire sign folk useful. They get them to stop sitting around thinking and they make them start doing things. There is strong attraction between these elements but there's also an ever-present danger. Fire folk glow so brightly in an Air person's company that they forget to refuel. Then, the wind ends up putting out the fading fire. But as long as there's even a tiny spark remaining, a breeze can rekindle it. Thus this relationship can carry on blowing hot and cold for a lifetime. 

Earth + Air = The Mountain of Dreams

Without earth's gravity, there would be no air. Without air, earth would be incapable of supporting life. People born under these two elements are strongly drawn to one another. Air people benefit greatly from having a partner who will ground them. Earth people (who need stimulation if they are ever to get anywhere) enjoy the flow of ideas that only an air person can offer. In theory then, this is a perfect union. In practice? There are a few little problems. Tornados, for example, that blow up when the Air person can find no other way to make the Earth person shift. Or underground caverns that entice in fresh air and then, by sealing up their entrances with a sudden rock fall, trap it there forever. These risks though, can be avoided. And, when they are, no relationship can match it ... in heaven or on earth! 

Earth + Water = The Quicksand of Desire

To understand this relationship, consider the contrast between land and sea. Imagine these forces in perpetual battle; think of mighty waves, crashing against rocks. Earth and water themselves seem to enjoy unleashing all that energy. Earth and Water people have a similar tendency to clash superficially but form a deep, fulfilling, lasting bond. They are not always instantly drawn together but slowly, they find a way to coexist. The more they do, the more they see how much they can offer each other. Soil needs rain in order to be fertile. Rivers need banks if they are to stay on track. Earth and Water people need each other for inspiration and support. Only when they fail to keep separate identities and try to 'merge' do we get a problem. Water mixed with Earth makes mud ... but then, some of us feel that even this is glorious! 

Earth + Earth = The Forest of Forever

What happens when irresistible force meets immovable object? Put two Earth sign people together and you'll find out! In theory, there's potential for endless pressure; a battle for ultimate supremacy between two tectonic plates that can only ever end in an earthquake. In fact, it rarely comes to this. Earth sign people are never drawn to each other unless they can both sense a viable way to share the territory. Agreement from the outset, is imperative. But lively relationships need just a small amount of friction. If you dare not allow even the tiniest amount of this to develop for fear of starting something that you can never finish, the result is likely to be a partnership that trundles, uneventfully on and on... and on. Looking for safety? Here's your promised land. Hoping for thrills? Here's your empty desert. 

Air + Air = The Love made in Heaven

"Who can see the wind? Neither you nor I. But when the tree bows down its head, the wind is rushing by." What are we to conclude though when we see that tree nodding wildly up and down like a teenage heavy metal fan? Surely this can only mean that it is being blown by two winds at once. Air sign people have no difficulty forming a rapport with one another - kindred spirits who feel, from the moment they meet, that they are renewing an old acquaintance. When they're in agreement, they're closer than a pair of lovebirds. When they're not, they're like clowns back to back on a tandem, each trying to pedal in the opposite direction. It's then that the relationship stops being a breeze and turns, instead, into a wild hurricane. Air sign people never agree to differ. They like contradicting each other too much. 

Air + Water = The Fountain of Joy

Put air into water and you get lovely bubbles. Put water into air and you get soft, fluffy clouds - provided that there's not too much pressure. We all know though, what happens to a fizzy drink if it's shaken. We also know how atmospheric pressure can cause water in the atmosphere to turn into something very cold and clammy. Air and water go well together... most of the time. Air sign people provide intuitive Water people with much-needed intellectual perspective. Water people return the compliment by compensating for the Air person's dry attitude. But while they can visit one another's domain, they cannot remain in it for long. The bubbles go flat after a while. Likewise, the clouds tend to disperse. This relationship has to be constantly renewed and revived. It is though, well worth the maintenance. 

Water + Water = The Ocean of Bliss

What does water want, more than anything else? To find its way to yet more water! Think how inland streams make their way across the country till they reach first the river then the ocean. Water people have a similar, natural desire to seek one another's company. There they find a level of empathy that nobody else can match. Even Water sign people who happily marry individuals of another element, will ensure they keep a fair selection of Water friends. Not all Water relationships though, are an instant success. Warm water tends to float, in a slightly superior way, over cold. Fresh water will try to keep itself from salt water. Some waters merge more naturally than others and all have a difficult time when it comes to separating. Every water/water marriage is 'for life', no matter how often or how intensely both may try to part. 

All  credits for Elemental pairings go to Johnathan Cainer @

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Understanding the Elements Within

Have you ever wondered wether your just physically attracted to somebody or if the attraction go's deeper? 
We've all asked ourselfs questions like " What is it about this person that draws me in so much" or " Why is it, I get on with this person one minute, then the next minute it's like a war zone", the answer to these questions and more is in understanding the Elements/Energy's that we all hold within ourselves.

Lets begin with Physical Attraction, let's be honest, Physical Attraction starts with the eye's, both sexes check each other out because it's a primal instinct and quite natural, so it's nothing to be ashamed of, but they are the desire's, passions of the body or in technical terms " the vehicle that houses the soul".
Now here's where it gets technical, all depending on the day/month/year that we as new human life's are born we get given a Zodiac sign eg:
Tropical  Zodiac                                              Element      Mode       Polarity    Sign Ruler   

Aries            21 March - 20 April                      Fire             Cardinal         +           Mars
Taurus         21 April - 20 May                         Earth            Fixed             -           Venus
Gemini         21 May - 21 June                        Air              Mutable           +          Mercury
Cancer          22 June - 22 July                       Water        Cardinal            -           Moon
Leo                23 July - 22 August                   Fire            Fixed                +          Sun
Virgo             23 August - 22 September        Earth         Mutable             -          Mercury
Libra             23 September - 22 October      Air              Cardinal            +         Venus
Scorpio          23 October - 22 November     Water         Fixed                 -          Pluto
Sagittarius    23 November - 21 December  Fire            Mutable             +         Jupiter
Capricorn     22 December -  19 January     Earth          Cardinal             -         Saturn
Aquarius       20 January  - 18 February      Air               Fixed                 +         Uranus
Pisces             19 February - 20 March       Water          Mutable              -         Neptune

And depending on that date is what sign you are, so we all grow up thinking that we just carry around the traits of one particular sign, when in reality it is far from the truth, because we all seem to forget that there is more than one planet in the sky and it's the placement of these planets at "Time of Birth" and "Location of Birth" that go into making up who we are as a person. And those planets will be in different signs that have differing elements, modes and polarity.

Using myself as an example, I was born on 24th August 1971, so that makes me a Virgo right? actually even though my sun sign labels me a Virgo,I'm not a true virgo, I was born on whats called the cusp of a sign ( just as the sun is moving into the next sign) so for 7 days the sun still carry's energy's from the previous sign. So my personality is a mix of both Leo & Virgo. Now adding my "Time of Birth" 01:05am and "Location of Birth" Dulwich,London (51N26' 000W05') gives me my ascendant/rising sign which is Cancer,so my external element/energy differs from my internal element/energy.

So if you wanted to base any type of relationship on physical attraction alone, you would look to that persons rising sign, if you wanted to understand another person on a deeper level you would need to look towards the other planets & elements that make up a particular persons natal birth chart, not just their Zodiac sign or Ascendant sign.

Lets go a bit deeper:

A zodiac wheel is made up of 12 zodiac signs or houses in Astrological terms, each house and sign have a ruling planet, when a ruling planet is in it's own sign it is said to be exalted which means it has more energy. Zodiac house meanings are as follows:

1st House

Element: Fire / Mode: Angular / Quadrant: 1
Your basic personality or energy that is projected into the world (especially the ascendent itself); your characteristic manner of self-expression; how you present yourself to the world as a separate and unique individual.
Habits, mannerisms, characteristic quirks; instinctive behavior, your unthinking, habitual mode of acting; self-image; your public "persona" (or "mask") that you present to others; the physical body, the impression your appearance makes on others; drive, (physical) vitality, health.

2nd House

Element: Earth / Mode: Succedent / Quadrant: 1
The things and resources you bring into your life to support your existence here; how you value things, the ego attachments you make with them, attitudes toward wealth and abundance.
Money, possessions; things that make life easier, more pleasant, productive, or abundant; the manner in which you use resources, lines of work that bring income (along with houses 6 and 10). 

3rd House

Element: Air / Mode: Cadent / Quadrant: 1
Habitual interactions with immediate, everyday surroundings; workings of the mind in a habitual mode, the Lower Mind; your skills for dealing with day-to-day living.
Communication, use of language; social skills, education, learning; short journeys, moving about in your immediate environment; neighborhood (where you feel at home); brothers, sisters, family (except parents), neighbors. 

4th House

Element: Water / Mode: Angular / Quadrant: 2
Roots, family, home; the "ground" that supports and nurtures you in the world; the deep or collective unconscious; sense of belonging, support; a place to retreat to for renewal.
Private, personal life; home (both childhood and adult); your family, genetic and emotional background, support from the family; your deepest emotional patterns (from childhood upbringing); ancestors, your native land, tradition, the past; real estate; both the beginning and ending of life; the nurturing parent; urgings from the unconscious, the "still small voice within" of the soul; instincts, archetypes (the heritage of our species); Mother Earth. 

5th House

Element: Fire / Mode: Succedent / Quadrant: 2
Play, self-expression, things done "just because of who I am"; creative or artistic expression; love affairs as an expression of self.
Activities carried out for their own sake, as a creative outpouring of your inner nature; children; art; gambling, speculation, investment; amusements; love affairs, sexuality, especially expressing yourself through the role of Lover. 

6th House

Element: Earth / Mode: Cadent / Quadrant: 2
Activities carried out for some other purpose or to benefit someone else; service, helping; dealing with "mundane details" of living, adjustments to physical reality, health issues; self-sacrifice.
Health, illness, nutrition, exercise; taking care of yourself (body and mind) so you're a "fit vehicle" for doing your real work; service or work done for someone else, work others do for you; sickness as a symptom that you aren't adjusting to life skillfully, need to change; employees, servants; "house of slavery"; defered self gratification; small animals. 

7th House

Element: Air / Mode: Angular / Quadrant: 3
Relationship, partnership, living with the Other; understanding the rejected, disowned parts of yourself through projection on others; others as a "mirror" for yourself; experience of self within relationships.
Close one-to-one partnerships; marriage or business partners; counselors and therapists (people who "mirror" you, help your self-awareness); open enemies, conflicts, lawsuits; your Shadow side, the parts of our personality that you deny or ignore. 

8th House

Element: Water / Mode: Succedent / Quadrant: 3
Self-transformation, renewal, breaking ties to the past; overcoming old limitations; resources and support from partners; the transformative effect of relationships.
Death, inheritances; challenges to your personal status quo, especially due to partners; letting go of possessions and resources that no longer suit you; ego-death, illumination, rebirth; sexuality, especially the momentary ego-death of orgasm; deeply emotional house, dealing with one's strongest feelings of who you are (which are limitations to overcome!). 

9th House

Element: Fire / Mode: Cadent / Quadrant: 3
Higher Mind, consciousness expansion, learning, wisdom and insight; new experiences that cause you to change your limited viewpoint; journeys to new realities.
Religion, philosophy, higher education; longer journeys that take you out of your everyday reality; the law, the social contract that puts you in contact with others; peak experiences, inspiration; personal insight, new awareness of the workings of your own psyche; fully conscious, non-habitual workings of the mind; spiritual disciplines; reaching out to new experiences. 

10th House

Element: Earth / Mode: Angular / Quadrant: 4
Making your niche in the world-at-large; achievement, reward, prestige for your labors; issues of authority; your public self.
The disciplining, socializing parent; authority figures, bosses, government heads; honor, social status, recognition; career, profession, "what you do"; reaping the benefits of hard work, the fruition of plans; integrating yourself into society at large; transcending your boundaries by becoming part of a larger whole; the experience of "fathering". 

11th House

Element: Air / Mode: Succedent / Quadrant: 4
The fellowship of like-minded people, friends and groups that share your values and ideals; banding together with others to achieve your collective goals; group identity.
Hopes, ideals, wishes; groups or organizations; relationships with groups (as opposed to one-to-one relationships in the 7th house); your roots and attachments to the social world; friendships; experiencing the role of the Beloved, being the object of another's love. 

12th House

Element: Water / Mode: Cadent / Quadrant: 4
Testing of new energies or skills; dealing with the setbacks related to new directions or abilities; the personal unconscious, repressions, disowned or denied parts of the psyche; realizing limitations or transcending them.
The first outer expression of immature or untried abilities, which may be successful or lead to defeat; repression of parts of the self that led to failure, denial due to shame or fear; having to relive these old wounds, overcome old limitations, usually in projected form or via "selfless" (i.e., ego-denying, since the ego denied the original energy) activities; self denial, altruistic service, sacrifice; hospitals, prisons, asylums; old karma that limits the present life; shameful secrets; secret, covert enemies, circumstances leading to your "undoing"; illness (mental or physical); being cut off from the world, "a monk's life"; on the positive side, when the original energy is not met with defeat, it can become an important strength; old limitations can be transcended and become your greatest strengths.

Each house meaning stays the same though the elements change with each individual natal chart. Then we have the planets and their meanings, each planet has a positive & negative side. All depending on where the planet is placed in a chart is how it expresses itself, for instance with Mercury positioned in Virgo it will express it's through analysing, either by, writing,editing,counselling,teaching,drawing or transalating to name but a few. And like a photograph some natal charts can be Under-Emphasized or Over-Emphasized in one element/energy or another due to the placement of the planets and how many points that they carry.

Sun and Moon = 4 points each
Mercury,Venus & Mars = 3 points each
Jupiter and Saturn = 2 points each
 Ascendant = 4 points

Using my own chart as an example:

Sun in Virgo ( Earth Sign) = 4 points 
Moon in Libra ( Air Sign) = 4 points
Mercury in Virgo ( Earth Sign) = 3 points
Venus in Leo ( Fire Sign) = 3 points
Mars in Aquarius ( Air Sign) = 3 points
Jupiter in Scorpio ( Water Sign) = 2 points
Saturn in Gemini ( Air sign) = 2 points
Ascendant in Cancer ( Water Sign) = 4 points

Fire = 3 points
Earth = 4+ 3 = 7 points
Air = 4 + 3 + 2 = 9 Points
Water =  2 + 4 = 6 points

Now, if we consider that the overall total weighting is 21 points, we can interpret the elemental weighting as follows:

3 points or less, that element is Under- Emphasized
12 points or more, that element is Over- Emphasized
4- 11 points, the element is said to be Balanced

So I myself have an Under- Emphasized element of Fire which means I'm lacking in Life Energy or Internal fire,and it doesn't help that I'm an Highly Sensitive person/Empath either, cause I can pick up on other people's energy's through their emotions & without the proper boundry's in place it can leave you drained/washed out or burnt out and you find yourself needing to stand back and take some space to regain your own sense of balance. So to reflect, the saying go's "Like attracts Like" but too much of one thing is never a good thing, it's all about the Balance with relationships aswell as the elements, cause we infact seek that which we ourselves are lacking.

Loretta Priestman